The integrated, cloud-based lending platform

From loan origination to servicing, the EASYLENDING platform delivers digital solutions and operation models adapted to lenders' needs.

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EASYLENDING has been developed by Belgium-based mozzeno services.

Starting from the belief that it is more efficient to integrate the wheel than to reinvent it, mozzeno services has developed a highly versatile platform based on a full API first architecture.

By automating all human tasks without added value, EASYLENDING enables lenders to focus on their core business and helps them bring new products to the market faster.

Cutting paper usage up to 100% streamlines the whole lending process, reduces fraud and avoids the need for a physical archive.

The cloud-based SaaS model removes the need for heavy infrastructure while enabling speedy support and easy access to updates and new functions.

The EASYLENDING platform is also a solution compliant with regulations; it includes processes such as AML, KYC and fraud detection.

Access easily-scalable, top-notch technology made in Belgium for a fraction of the price of existing on-premises solutions.

Enter a new lending era.

We digitally power

Personal lending

Business lending

Crowd lending

Peer to Peer lending

Main modules

Easy onboarding

Leverage existing user data to reduce typing and increase conversion

Easy ID

New generation e-KYC (Know Your Customer) & AML (Anti Money Laundering)

Easy signature

A user-friendly and fully-integrated digital signature solution

Easy fulfilment

Reduce processing costs and increase agility with fully digital loan application handling

Easy scoring

Leverage the power of data to better score borrowers, reduce defaults and detect fraud

Paperless process management

Reduce processing costs and increase agility with a fully digital loan application handling

Easy accounting

An automated accounting engine.
Lender only/Lender & Investor

Our solutions are

  • Compliant solutions for regulated environments

  • Easily scalable

  • API first & developer friendly

  • SaaS operation & support

Discover our expertise in action: mozzeno.com

mozzeno.com is the first Belgian platform enabling individuals to lend each other money indirectly.

Fully digital, no paper

Highly automated

Big data scoring

=default rate 6 times lower than market average

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